Yukari Nakai (JMDV-163)

I’m pretty confident that she still has it. Not sure how many years it has been since her stunning and equally alarming Swicth, Cute and other DVDs,  but it feels like at least a good 4 years. Here and there I think I might have read some grumblings about her new DVDs are not able to keep up with her recent ones. It’s possible, it has been a while since I watched any of them, but some memories of them are easy to recall, they are so impressive. All things considered then, that type of excitement is a little difficult to match, but this very recent issue from her (and the apparently competent studio, though unfamiliar to me) honestly did not disappoint me. A few stupid blunders abound, but her devilishly adorable nature still shines through, and on other occasions I found myself holding a breath at how captivatingly beautiful she comes across.

Yukari’s mischievous nature is often still there, and just as captivating as it always was. Some very fine smiles shining eyes come out often enough. She’s not quite as perky and silly as I remember in her previous DVDs, or at least as often in this production. The real trouble is occasionally the directing tries to convey a more serious appearance, and it really doesn’t work. Are they trying to make her appear older? The pink  one-piece thong outfit scene closes with a very awkward neutral stare that doesn’t suit her even a little, and makes her appear quite unattractive. Occasionally through the scene a few angles on her face don’t seem to look right either, but it does have it’s moments. This happens in other instances on the DVD, but not too frequently to be a serious drawback. All the same, it is otherwise a strong scene, one of the top recommendation to be sure. My only other big issue with the DVD is some of the choices in hair styling. Quite a few scenes make a great blunder of that. The blue one piece outfit scene early in the DVD (not really visible on the back cover) prompted a few WTFs from me. Looked a little like the cartoon chemistry experiment explosions gone wrong, resulting in frizzy hair in all directions. Generally, elsewhere this was a poor scene too, only the crisp color composition of the scene and lighting were in its favor. The back cover of the DVD does not mislead, there’s plenty of good footage with a good quantity of attention given to her behind which is often sparsely clothed. The choice of outfits in this DVD are quite good, not necessarily scandalous, but probably not going to disappoint anyone, and occasionally showing touches of originality to boot.

As for truly successful scenes, you could zip to the very end if you’re interested in a stylish, polished look along with some very sexy views of her from a distance. I’m always partial to those, the whole package presented clearly without closeups and details in Yukari’s case is stunning. I’m pretty thrilled she still has the same body as before, with an apparent attempt at unconscious posture with the belly out a tiny bit. A tiny bit of baby fat still remains, it’s as endearing as always, with the lower torso still having an amusing amount of breadth. The light blue interior is always there in this scene, much like that of the back cover and is well contrasted with her white bikini, which refreshingly little material, especially on the chest. I’m very pleased that that has not gained in proportion either, and it’s nowhere more apparent than in this scene. Very stylish distance shots are presented with very calm and well presented closeups of her body and face, some very co-ordinated posing does happen. Some special and unconventional interior lighting effects happen to, to add to the mix-up, visually a fabulous achievement. The T-back with a nice flimsy bow covering the behind is a frivolous little gimmick that goes a very long way, and very effective. Mildly serious demeanor throughout, but it suits the calmness of the scene and is nowhere near the awkwardness described earlier.

I’m always excited when faultless Asian facial features are treated with excellent directing and lavished with attention. That happens around 52 minutes into the DVD, and though we’re all here to appreciate her extraordinarily appealing body, her exceptional charm is the key ingredient. Here it’s caught perfectly, and a few good minutes of just footage of her face, and vintage Yukari Nakai smiles. The hair styling is done almost perfectly here, for her hair length, which is fairly short. The rest of the scene is definitely a good follow up to that start and the playful mood continues in the company of a nice pink thong with an appealing tie string on the hips.

Mostly the pacing of the DVD was good, with consistent eye candy along with a stunning charming girl. Only on one occasion did I truly become impatient. Do mind (read as avoid) the scene at 35 minutes in the DVD. The hair accents all the wrong facial features and too much clothing was hanging around for my patience to survive. Safe to say it would be for the average viewer too.
The front cover picture belong to the first scene which was about average in the big picture. Doing her justice, with choice views of her behind and languishing on the bed. It’s a tad slow, and begins with some nice atmosphered footage outside in a schoolgirl outfit. Again, some awkward shots did come across there but still served as a nice introduction. Elsewhere, we have some scenes characterized by some goofy hair, at around 45 minutes in, obviously a little childish in conception ad she matches the idea with her acting here. A little bright and silly. The outfit was definitely cute with a tiny frilled skirt on the waist, not doing much about the thong-ed behind. The top was awkwardly over-sized but oh well. It soon subsides into some typical lollipop licking footage, which was a little tedious.

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